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Welcome to the home of Via Solara!

Via Solara is a well established guild.  We were created when EQ2 first launched many moons ago.

Via Solara is a very tight knit family-type atmosphere. We believe that the people are the heart of our guild, therefore we look for people with strong character, morals, and an upstanding personality. We love all of our members and would drop anything to help another guildie in need! We love to joke and have a good time as we adventure throughout Norrath and get through serious situations with skill and ease thanks to the knowledge of our members. As any guild, we learn through trial and error, but try to have a sense of humor about our trials and errors!

We are currently looking for new members that want to quest, craft or explore Norrath with us.  Most importantly, we are looking for new people that want to laugh and have fun with us. 

If you are interested in joining Via, or just have some questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of our members or officers.

Via Solara is for you if: 

- you are a mature individual that is willing to work with others to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.
    * We ask that members be at least 18 years of age.  There are some exceptions that can be made to this, however.

- you would like to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle that not only allows you to enjoy Everquest II but also spend quality time with your families and friends. 
    * Real Life always comes first with us and we will never hold that against you.


Via Solara Has a New Address!

System, Nov 1, 12 7:53 AM.
Via Solara has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Via taking on Skyshrine

Justalon, Jun 5, 12 10:26 AM.
Via Solara has a new playground and it is called Skyshrine.   Congratulations to the Via raid force on the advancement we have made over the last few months.  We have several named in Underdepths EM on farm status and killing trash in the HM versions has been pretty successful too.  We are looking forward to exploring more of the Betrayal of the Underdepths and finding out what trouble we can get into in there.  Nice job all!

King Tormax Falls

Deacedon, Feb 25, 12 3:47 PM.
Via Raiders make King Tormax beg for mercy.  Great job everyone that was there last night to lend a hand in another Via first!

Arch-Magistrator Modrfrost Falls

Deacedon, Feb 7, 12 10:40 PM.
Congratulations to everyone on the raid Saturday evening!  We had another Via First!  Modrfrost drops to the might of Via on only our second pull of the evening.  Who knows, we may have killed him on the first pull if only Khrug could learn to spell when creating macro's.  Once Khrug fixed his spelling error, the raid force made the fight look very easy!

This was certianly a very good way to cap off a very successful weekend of raiding that saw 2 Via firsts in different raid zones!

Great Job Via!

Iialatus Frostbeard Falls - Challenge Mode

Deacedon, Feb 7, 12 10:33 PM.
Congratulations to everyone on the Raid Friday evening, we successfully killed the Challenge Mode version of Frostbeard on the second pull of our first serious attempt at Kraytoc's Challenge Mode.
Great Job Via!!!
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Officer Contacts    
CenedraVS (Paislee)
DasanVN (Hogi)
Deacedon (Vozz)
Mariska Stewart (Mariska)
Umadin DuGaiden
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